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We are a diverse team of experienced lawyers who strive to meet the legal needs of our clients in a wide range of areas through a collaborative environment. Attorney Andrew Dai, the founding attorney of the firm, and his legal team offer an array of curated legal services to promote your best interests and guide you through matters of the law.

Our offices handle legal matters related to criminal defense, personal injury, family- and business-based immigration, estate planning, franchise law, business law, and corporate law. We have extensive experience in litigation and transactional law.

Our firm is boutique to allow us more flexibility in the way we serve our clients so that they can benefit from the depth and breadth of our collective experience and legal knowledge. We work closely with each client to better meet their needs—a level of personal attention you wouldn’t find at the bigger law firms. Our focus is on delivering client-centered legal services here in the San Francisco Bay area.

Our Practice Areas

Our offices handle legal matters related to franchise, business, corporate law, and estate planning. Our services include both litigation and transactional work. Working closely with our team of exceptional legal professionals, we are committed to resolving your legal needs in the most positive way possible.

Handling Your Legal Matters With A Tailored Approach And A Commitment To Excellence

Estate Planning

The best part of planning for the unforeseeable or the inevitable is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family will be protected and that your wishes will be respected. A well-organized estate plan means you have all of your important documents, titles, and beneficiary designations ready for when they will be needed. Our estate planning lawyer Andrew Dai has a decade of experience helping families prepare for the future and save for long-term care. In addition to helping your family avoid the time and expense of probate once you’re gone, we can guide you through creating documents such as your will, financial and healthcare powers of attorney, a living will, and more. Create your custom estate planning documents with the Law Offices of Andrew H. Dai.

Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, the guidance of a personal injury lawyer can help you move forward during the difficult weeks, months, and even years that follow the incident. In addition to the physical damage, an accident can leave a victim with severe emotional trauma that has long-lasting and far-reaching effects on their life and even on their family’s wellbeing.

After your personal injury, don’t leave your recovery up to the insurance company. You may be entitled to compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Attorney Andrew Dai and his team at our law offices can ensure you have the resources you need to rebuild your life after an accident or injury. We have the experience required to take on any case, and we’re dedicated to securing for you the compensation you deserve.

Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, you need a criminal defense lawyer with the right knowledge, skill level, and trial experience to handle your case. Our criminal lawyers at the Law Offices of Andrew H. Dai have what it takes to build successful defense strategies for complex criminal law matters, including vast resources and a network of experts to conduct our own investigations into alleged crimes. We know that a conviction for even the most minor of offenses can negatively impact your life, so we work to get your charges reduced or dropped. Whether you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony offense, we are devoted to securing the best possible outcome for you. We are passionate attorneys for criminal justice.

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We are a boutique law firm in Burlingame, California, made up of attorneys who will devote themselves to your legal matter. Our attorneys are exceptional legal professionals who are capable of handling a wide array of legal issues for our clients due to our experience across diverse industries and interests.

Through every step of the process, we strive to keep our clients informed and provide sound legal advice backed by years of successful practice. We believe that our professional experience and innovative approaches to the practice of law set us apart from our peers, as does our commitment to resolving your legal needs in the most positive way possible.

Our clients are important to us, and that’s why we are committed to returning phone calls as soon as possible. We can answer all of your questions about the law, help you make educated decisions, and assist you with paperwork to ease your stress. We’re proud to serve the greater San Francisco Bay area.

Contact us today for your initial consultation with one of our legal professionals, and let us know how we can serve you.

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